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Android Car DVD Players

Android Car DVD Players is definitely cool, but how awesome would it be if you had it directly built-in your car? That's a rhetorical question isn't it. What matters the most is that now is that Canying is offering it! What's even better is that some of the players have a detachable screen. We don't advice you to play with it while driving, but at least, your kids now have fun in your car, instead of being bored.

Android Car Stereo

With Android car stereo devices, you can now browse through your favorite songs and artists in a easy to use Android OS interface.

Android Car Radio

With Canying's Android car radio you can now enjoy listening to your favorite channels with ease.

Android Car PC
Having a music player in your car is fun, but what if you could have a whole Android PC in your car with access to the world that this OS has to offer? Besides instead of spending more than a thousand dollars to get all this, at Chinavasion it's less than half of what you would have to pay when buying the device from a local dealer.